Unveil the intriguing history of Istanbul.

The 1300 years of history of Istanbul were never dull. It used to be a busy operating hub for merchants of Venice and Genoa and an important centre of power in the region. The glorious past of the city comes alive in narrations of knowledgeable local guides who can tell in every detail the story of trade, political intrigue and struggle over power in Istanbul, the key port of the Bosphorus strait.

Traditionally, the city was ruled and run by wealthy aristocratic families, and Gritti Pera Hotel is proud to bear the name of one of the most powerful of them. The ancestor of the Gritti family was an influential Venetian politician, born and raised in Istanbul to become a powerful ally of Ibrahim Pasha and the Hungarian Kingdom.

The long and prosperous story of this influential family started with banking and trade of spices, gems and wines. Through establishing connections with Venice and the Ottoman Empire the Gritti family rose to power and established long-lasting prosperity for the region. Alvise Gritti is the most famous member of this remarkable family, as he was to become a trusted business partner of Ibrahim Pasha, a respected associate of the Venetian Doges and a close ally of King John I of Hungary.

The exciting biography of this remarkable politician is widely reflected in history books and has inspired Turkish TV producers of a historical fiction TV series. The team of Gritti Pera Hotel are proud to work in a hotel that bears the name of such a prominent local figure. Ask us, and we will help you find out more about the exciting biography of this outstanding Renaissance man.